Summer 18

Peacheyboo | British Childrenswear- Armadillo Tee, Flamingo Stripe Sweatpants
Peacheyboo | British Childrenswear- Pelican Print Sweatpants,Pelican Print Skir, Raccoon Bomber Jacket
Peacheyboo | British Childrenswear - Pelican Sweatpants, Flamingo Tee, Raccoon Bomber Jacket

About the Collection


The Peacheyboo Kids Spring/Summer ‘18 collection is an artistic celebration inspired by Animals with Attitude. It features the pelican, the flamingo, the lemur, the raccoon, the armadillo and the shrew. Each is a unique creature that wears its individuality proudly.


As always, our collection combines art and nature: the beautiful creatures are rendered in graphic prints and collage illustrations to present a line that is made for exploring in. The colour palette is unexpected with sharp monochromes alongside more traditional floral hues- celebrating a versatility and unpredictability we love. Over 90% of the collection is made from sustainable materials, either organic cotton or Modal.

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