The Wild Ones

About the Collection

The collection is a transition from our previous two, a continued contribution to, as well as a progression from, the Animals with Attitude line. Through section isolations, this latest collection highlights the vibrant patterns and tonal hues of our originalanimal collages. The ash pink chevron of the Lemur’s arm, the mustard circles of the Lemur’s winding tail and the oatmeal of the Raccoon’s mask are combined to new effects. We have oursignature stripes, this time a nod to the Raccoon and a Sherpa jacket and sweater to simulate warm and cosy fur. The entire collection is a tribute to the animal kingdom and to some of our favourite, cheeky creatures. Moving beyond simply appreciating the nature of animals to embracing if for yourself. We want kids to tap into their own animals: cheeky, free, adventurous, imaginative.

For this collection, we teamed up with Animalesque London, handcrafted headdresses that have been featured in Vogue, Selvedge, Marie Claire and Papier Mache. Not only are they design pieces with great cultural references, they are great for getting in touch with your inner animal.

‘For the romantic, the spirited, the curious and the wild, thesealluring heirloom-wears capture the imagination of both childrenand adults, inspiring transformation and adventure.’

- Sara Lowes, Designer and Founder of Animalesque London

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