Peacheyboo is based on family. It was founded by mother-daughter duo: artist Lesley Goudman-Peachey and graphic designer Hannah Peachey-Thacker. Each design is pre-scrutinised and modelled by Lesley's grandkids and Hannah's nieces. Hannah and Lesley founded the brand because they wanted to share and help foster what they loved the most about being a family. They’re in love with animals and their design process takes place in a studio at home chaotically guarded by their 10 dogs. Our latest collections are about more curious creatures than our domestic friends. Hannah and Lesley wanted to inspire the same fascination they have for flamingos, pelicans, shrew, lemurs, armadillos and raccoons, animals you may, unfortunately, not see often.



We are a proudly British brand with a

global perspective. Peacheyboo is manufactured and designed in the UK and majority of our fabrics are sourced here. This is a little expensive but we support local businesses and we manage to reduce our

carbon footprint a little, too.


Don’t be a child! Be a kid.


This is something we like to say is the subconscious mind of our brand. We love making clothes that let’s kids be kids- but isn’t the traditional way we tend to think about kidswear. In our designs, we consider the many practicalities and challenges of the life of a kid and we make a conscious effort to produce clothes that allow and encourage individuality, adventure and imagination. Everything but our skirts and dresses are unisex and we don’t have gendered colours prints.


What we mean is that we recognise that kids have a mind of their own, and I’m sure the parents in the room will testify.  They get to an age, much earlier than you’d think where they don’t just want to be put in clothes that their parents chose for them. So we take is as a mark of success that we are constantly asked if we could make some of our clothes in grown-up sizes too.



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